Yorkshire Traditions

What's in a Name?

Yorkshire's Seasonal Dance Traditions

This is a website concerned with documenting and preserving Yorkshire's Folk traditions - especially in relation to traditional danceā€¦ an area in which the county is particularly rich.

A basic problem arises when one attempts to probe old reports for evidence of dance traditions. The stumbling block of definition is not easy to resolve as there are no universally accepted terms for these activities. In searching out these references we have had to accept that because something is called by a certain name, this does not make it identical with another event by the same name. So, all of the following are terms used to describe dance traditions. They are also, almost without exception, also used to describe other non-dance activities.


Morris Dance

Sword Dance

Rapier Dance


Plough Stots

Fond Plow (Plough)

Fool Plow (Plough)


Blue Stots


Stots Dance

Raper Dance

Plough Boys


Plough Lads


Vessel Cuppers


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